Go Karts for Kids

What Are Go Karts For Kids?

Go Karts for KidsPlaying with go karts for kids has been a favourite pastime over the years. Go-karting is an all-American habit, with children and adults loving it alike.

Go karts are usually made of a very sturdy frame, and the electric battery packs make them heavier, making it hard to flip over.

They are low to the ground with a low centre of gravity. This makes them safer to drive for kids.

They are easy to learn and handle, and hence are more suitable as toys for kids as well as for beginners.


Frequently Asked QuestionsImportant factors like the maximum speed of the toy, safety features set up by the toy manufacturers, sturdiness of the frame, the minimum age required to play with it, type of engine of the are to be considered while purchasing good go karts for kids.

Since most parents are not aware of how go karts operate, it is natural for questions to crop up. Questions like “are your children old enough to play with go karts?”, “which type of engine is suitable for such toys?”, and more.

Below are a list of common questions.

Are My Children Old Enough to Ride a Toy Go Kart?

While the recommended age by most toy manufacturers is 8 years and above, parents can make a conscious decision based on how safe they feel about their kids playing with it.

Parents tend to allow youngsters even when they are 5 years and above. Manufacturers design these toys to suit children up to the age of 12. Toy manufacturers limit the speed and also keep the acceleration under control making it a safe option.

These toys serve as ideal gifts, suitable for any occasion. While toy manufacturers tend to cover most safety features to make it a fun experience, it is also an essential responsibility of parents to monitor, guide and teach their children when they initially purchase the toy, till the young ones get a hang of the controls, especially for age groups between 5 to 10.

You will not have to worry about the sizes. Most of them come in standard sizes and seat positions can be altered as the little ones grows older. Learning to drive them is easy and one gets a hang of driving in a matter of minutes.

Should I Select an Electric Go Kart?

FAQs Electric Go KartsThe electric version is powered by one or two electric motors and batteries. They are low maintenance, requiring only that the lead-acid batteries of the cars be plugged into chargers after each run.

Most fully charged electric toy karts can run a maximum of 45 minutes before the battery drains out eventually. Electric powered variants do not have hot engines or a tank full of gas and are ideal as toys. The electric battery tends to make them heavy making it tough to flip them over. This makes them safer to drive.

They do not produce noise and emissions, and do not require fuel. They are a pollution-free environment friendly option.

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Are Gas Powered Variants Safer for My Kids?

FAQs Gas Kids Go KartsGas powered options manufactured as toys tend to have limited high speed and come with small sized tanks. They are designed for uneven terrains rather than flat areas.

These are tested thoroughly by manufacturers and are designed to be safe toys. Gas tanks are expected to he refilled by adults only and kids should not be allowed to refill the fuel.  Gas powered options tend to have a lower acceleration than electric variants. Off road go kart options include individual parts such as suspension.

Of course, the designs of the toys are not fixed, and you can expect to find numerous different models that offer different features.

What Is The Advantage of Pedal Over Electric Engine?

FAQs Kids Pedal Go KartsPedal variants are an ideal option for flat terrains, especially for parents who prefer their kids to have a good exercise pedalling around.

Parents tend to opt for the pedal version over electric powered ones primarily because of this.

Pedal installed versions come in different designs and sizes, some are made from plastic material, making it light weight and easily to handle, best for the young ones, there are also a metal wielded designs for toughness.

What Are The Best Go Karts For Kids?

Toy karts can be categorised as electric, pedal or gas powered. Electric go karts assembled for children are a toned down version of the professional-grade electric ones and are popular among kids and parents for varied reasons.

In general, they operate on battery powered engines and are intended for both professional and recreational purposes. Since they are pollution free, they can be used both in indoor tracks and outdoors, unlike the fuel powered variants which can be used only outdoors.

Basic electric go karts manufactured for kids are cheap in cost. They require low maintenance, the battery needs to be recharged after each run. They tend to run for a duration of 45 minutes to 3 hours on a fully charged battery.

They accelerate well because of better torque generated by the electric engine and gives an excellent driving experience. They are adequate for recreational purposes.

Frequently Asked QuestionsGo Karts for Kids come in a varied range of sizes, safety features, engine types. There are a lot of options in the market, and it becomes a daunting task to arrive at the right one for your child.

While safety features are most vital while selecting a go-kart, the type of engine that the toy runs on is also essential. The size of the toy should have flexibility to allow the child to be comfortable with it even as he grows over the years.

Some more frequently asked questions are answered below.

What Are The Safest Places For Children To Play Around in Go Karts?

The best places to drive around are in back yards, drive ways, pavements, cul de sacs or empty parking lots. Streets and sites with traffic movement should be strictly avoided.

Which Toy Manufacturers Are Reliable?

FAQs Go Kart ManufacturersWhile there are a lot of manufacturers catering to this segment, Razor is a toy brand that stands out in producing quality and well-designed toys for kids.

They have 3 variants – electric, drifter and dune buggy. They follow good safety standards and it is worth mentioning the good level of post-sales customer service.

Berg Toys is another company which specialises in manufacturing these with pedals. The high quality and sturdiness with which they build these are note worthy.

Tao Tao is among some of the Chinese manufacturers and has a good gas powered all-terrain option – 125 CC Semi Auto.

Versions from Hot Wheels are favoured for kids between ages 6 and 12. The Hot Wheels variants include additional safety features to prevent crashes.

Hot Wheels sets reliable speed limits, and is made of a pretty sturdy frame. There are more manufacturers including Tanaka, Kartco , Manco, and Carter Brothers.

Which is The Best Place To Purchase Go Karts For Children?

While the right places to buy these for adults would be in local stores, versions for children can also be purchased online since they come in standard sizes.

Online stores also tend to give better deals in comparison to neighbourhood stores. Shipping timelines in online shopping portals would be as per the guidelines declared on the website.

Is It Easy To Assemble a Go Kart and Find Replacement Parts?

Although the models come with relatively simple design, most of them need a basic setup and assembly before your kid can start driving it around.

It is best to follow the instructions in the manual that are sent along with the model. Replacement parts such as tires can be purchased at the online store of the manufacturer, or an order can be placed by the call.

Can Children Take Part In Junior Go Kart Races?

Racing events are popular around the world and in some places races are even held for kids of different age groups in controlled and indoor environments.

It may be a good option to introduce your child to mini race tracks at a young age to inculcate competitiveness. Parents need to consider all safety options before they enrol for such races.

Now that you know what are the top options available in the market, you can now be assured that your kids are experiencing a surge of adrenaline rush while driving around the best toy they have owned to date.

Are Go Karts Safe For Children?

Those manufactured by reputed toy companies come with a good range of safety features good enough to allow you to take care of your house/office chores while your little ones play outside.

Some manufacturers install disc brakes in the design which allows it to come to an immediate halt when applied. A seat belt is essential, those that go over the shoulder and around the waist are good to hold fast in case your kid bumps hard into something.

Keeping safety in mind, manufacturers limit the speed to around 12 miles per hour. Also, it will help to have an extra speed governor that can be set by parents at a maximum speed that they feel is safe for their little ones.

Some have this safety feature.  They should be made of a good and sturdy frame that can absorb the shocks of fast bumps into curbs or quick brazes past pavements. A toy should be designed to last.

These are generally designed with a very low center of gravity  which stops it from tipping over in quick turns and 360’s. It is a useful feature to fix a flag to it so that this small height vehicle can be seen or identified by its tall flag from a car or an SUV, which would not have been visible otherwise.

The engine and motor mechanism are enclosed safely and are not accessible while it is in motion. Manufacturers claim their designs take a weight of up to 140 lbs, though a more heavy person sitting on it would mean that it will move slower.

Anyone driving it should wear a helmet that covers the entire head, as well as gloves and shoes. Go-karts with metal frames are most commonly made of steel and usually, have a welded steel rollover bar that provides extra support and safety for the vehicle.

Although metal frames are heavier than wood or plastic frames, they last longer. Aluminium is a lighter metal to consider and is still strong and durable. Always supervise your little ones at play time when riding a Pedal Car or other ride-on pedal toys.

As a responsible parent, never allow more than one to ride at a time. Ensure it is only ridden in safe areas and keep driveway safety in mind.

Never allow the little ones to be pushed while riding.

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Which Go Kart Will Best Suit Your Kid’s Need?

Some important factors to guide you to purchase one are –

Height   Select one with a small height. Being closer to the ground gives a low center of gravity which does not allow it to flip over in fast or steep turns.

Sturdy body   A go-kart with a strong frame helps since kids tend to drive it on pavements or roads and tend to crash into the curbs.

Speed   Consider the maximum speed these can go up to before opting for one especially while selecting an electric variant. One with a top speed of 12-15 miles per hour is safe, kids tend to loose control in anything faster than that.

Good Brakes   Those manufactured for kids come with strong brakes good enough to stop where ever needed.

Which One Should You Buy?

The Comparison Chart lists the engine types and terrain designs for a few.

ModelEngine TypeTerrain DesignPrice
Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart
Razor Ground Force Electric
Electric Pavements/Cul de sacCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart
Razor Ground Force Drifter
Electric Pavements/Cul de sacCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Go Kart 125cc Semi Auto
Tao Tao 125cc Semi Auto
GasAll Terrain
BERG Toys Buddy Orange Pedal Go Kart
BERG Toys Buddy Pedal
Pedal Pavements/Cul de sacCheck Latest Price on Amazon
Razor Dune Buggy
Razor Dune Buggy
ElectricAll TerrainCheck Latest Price on Amazon

Refer to a more detailed comparison guide.

Electric and pedal variants are the safest bet with the Gas powered alternative being quite safe as well.

The Razor Ground Force Electric model is the best option given that you prefer electric engines for flat terrains. The Razor Ground Force Drifter adds the drifting option to electric engines on flat terrains.

The Razor Dune Buggy is the choice for electric engines on uneven terrains. The 125 CC Semi Auto which runs on gas is also a good option for uneven terrains.

BERG Buddy Pedal is also an option for flat terrains.

Few of the Handpicked Products by Our Team

Razor Ground Force Electric Go-Kart

Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart
Razor Ground Force Electric

It is suitable for age groups of 8 and above although those above 5 also use it.

The high torque chain driven motor boasts a top speed of 12 mph, it is ideal for pavement trails or dead end avenues; it is not meant for public streets with traffic.

The 12 V sealed lead acid batteries last for around 45 minutes, have a short recharge time and come with a battery charger. It’s made of a very low to the ground design, durable steel frame, molded aluminium wheels, and 4-1/2-inch tires making it safe to play with.

Learning and driving it is easy with a variable speed, thumb trigger acceleration control and a hand operated rear brake, but no reverse gear.

It comes with a bucket seat, a shoulder seat belt and a flag.Make sure seat belt is on when your little one rides it.

It is recommended to buy a good helmet additionally. It can support up to a weight of 140 lbs. It can fit into SUVs or minivans for transport if you would like to carry it along.

For concerned parents, it is not fast enough to be dangerous, but fast enough for the kids. Being low to the ground makes it feel like you’re going fast. They will love it.

Razor has a good customer support team and resolve issues promptly.

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart

Razor Ground Force Drifter Kart
Razor Ground Force Drifter

The drifter is fundamentally based on the original Ground Force Electric design.

It comes with identical features – maximum speed of 12 mph, charge lasts for at least 45 minutes, low height design, durable steel frame, hand acceleration variable speed control, hand operated brake, no reverse, bucket seat, shoulder seat belt, flag, supports up to 140 lbs, fits into SUVs/minivans, molded aluminum front wheels with solid rubber tires, 24 V battery system, single seater, an upgraded rear axle for increased maneuverability, chain-driven motor, easy to learn, stylish, fast battery charging, 90-day warranty and is suitable for 8+ years.

What it is additionally equipped with is super Slider POM rear wheels that pull off impressive power slides at sharp turns, 180’s and 360’s, making your kid the neighbourhood drifting star overnight.

The rear wheels are made of hard plastic, so they’ll lose traction, allowing it to drift. Like the Ground Force Electric model, it is designed for controlled environments free of potential traffic hazards and not for public streets. Remember to buy a helmet along with the drifter.

Compared to Ground Force, kids will prefer the drifter, being able to spin that thing around really gives added pleasure. As mentioned earlier, Razor has a good customer support team.

Go Kart 125cc Semi Auto
Tao Tao 125cc Semi Auto

Go Kart 125cc Semi Auto with Reverse

This is a semi-automatic 125 CC 4 stroke jeep style go kart and does not need a clutch.

It boasts an electric start key, lights, horn, big 5 amp battery, shoulder seat belt, rear-view mirrors, dual sports seats, semi-automatic transmission with reverse, small turning radius, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, carries up to 270 lbs and engine kill switch. Suitable for ages 7 to 13, it is easy to operate and learn.

It comes with larger wheels, aggressive all terrain tires, with extra ground clearance and a full suspension system with shock absorbers in the front and back needed in off-road conditions.

The wheelbase is short giving the car a low centre of gravity, making it almost impossible to roll over. It can do up to 35 mph but is limited by a speed governor which can be set by adults.

The manufacturer Tao Tao has installed a data plate at the rear of the vehicle with tune-up specs like oil type, valve lash, spark gap and type, etc. Fun and memories aplenty.

BERG Toys Buddy Orange Pedal Go Kart
BERG Toys Buddy Orange Pedal

BERG Toys Buddy Orange Pedal Go Kart

This is a pedal variant. The adjustable seat and steering mean your kids can continue using this as they grow taller.

The swing axle ensures that your kart will always touch the ground and you won’t flip over. The unique BFR system ensures that you can pedal, brake and ride backwards using the pedals.

It is recommended for 3 years and above. It is easy to assemble, and it pedals and steers incredibly effortlessly and gracefully. It is very sturdily built and is worth the money spent on it.

Your child will love it and will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Razor Dune Buggy
Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy

This is a compact size dune buggy with a powerful electric motor reaching up to 10 mph.

Perfect for a chunk of off-road entertainment, it brags of an active rear suspension, 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires, sturdily built with durable tubular steel frame, diamond-plate floorboards, padded bucket seat, a shoulder seat belt, thumb paddled hand accelerator and brake controls, rear disc brake, and a safety flag.

The battery lasts at least 45 minutes and can be recharged quickly. The buggy is fast enough for some serious fun but slow enough that it won’t compromise on safety.

Parents will also appreciate the side roll cage, which creates a barrier between the rider and the outside.

It’s got great torque, crawls right through mud, grass, over bumps, and uphill, and is a very well constructed little buggy.