Razor Ground Force Drifter Review

Razor Ground Force Drifter

Razor Ground Force Drifter

The Razor Drifter takes go-karting to an entirely different level. The neighbourhood pavements, traffic-free streets and driveways turn into race tracks with the added advantage of the kart drifting as it turns around corners. The kids will love the drifting, the 180s and even the 360s if they are up for it!

The characteristics that define the Drifter are the competitive chassis and super-slick rear wheels, which let you powerslide around corners, throw fish tales, or perform fast 180s.

Razor tossed in a thumb trigger acceleration control and hand-operated rear brake for some serious go-karting explodes.

Our Review of Razor Ground Force Drifter

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Drifting – The rear wheels of the kart are made of soft rubber to allow the kart to drift as it turns round corners, much to the delight of the driver.

This adds to the fun and soon your kid will be attempting 180s and 360s much to the envy of your neighbourhood kids.

The Variable speed, thumb trigger acceleration control and hand operated rear brake give the little driver maximum drifting control.

Comfort – The rear brake and variable-speed throttle are controlled by the steering wheel, allowing easy handling.

Safety – The kart comes with safety features that are convincing enough for parents to buy it for their children. It is made of a sturdy steel frame to endure any crashes that the 12 mph engine has to come up against.

The low to the ground design of the kart makes it impossible to tip over in sharp turns and drifts because of the low centre of gravity. The seat belt is an added safety feature to keep your kid in place when crashing into curbs or neighbourhood fences.

Battery– The motor is powered by the 24V battery system which can be driven around for up to 40 minutes before it can be recharged for the next run. The battery has a quick charge time.

Assembly – It comes mostly assembled in the box. Only the steering wheel needs to be attached to the shaft.


The kart may as well be the best gift your kid has got till date. The drifting adds to the little drivers fun and a neighbourhood kid magnet. The go kart is easy to assemble, learn and drive around the neighbourhood.

The tires do not ware out fast.


A good helmet will go well with the electric go kart.

This go kart meant for kids does not run well on grass because its wheels are designed to run on flat and hard surfaces.

The kart is very low to the ground. Drivers in grown-up sized cars are going to have trouble seeing any kart riders since the kart is very low to the ground. Razor makes this safe by adding a safety flag to the frame.

Parents prefer this go kart when compared to the Ground Force Electric. Being able to spin that thing around really gives added pleasure. The kart can turn with a much tighter radius which tends to make it safer around curbs and pavements.

>> Click Here to See Pricing, Ratings, and Reviews on Amazon <<

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