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Some of us like to test how dexterous we are at getting things done. This is, of course, a great trait. They enable us most times to get things done while getting a heck of a beat down on the total cost we would have incurred. You can also accurately and sufficiently satisfy your personal taste and attain the desired utility.

If you have been wondering how to build your own DIY go-kart from scratch, you are definitely in the right place. Go kart kit plans are essential to building go-karts just as air is to human survival. They are a must-consider element of any (good) go-kart built or to be built.

These go kart kit plans we have dissected here will give you all the insight you need in deciding what kind of go-kart suits you best and which one to invest your time, creativity or money purchasing.

The most basic kind of go-kart pattern you would find is the gravity racer. They are propelled by sloppy terrains. You probably must have heard the name soapbox derby cart. That is the name they are popularly called. The high-performance versions, however, run on a four-stroke engine and sometimes two.

10 Go Kart Plans You Can Try

1. Subminiature electric racing go kart plan

This plan is pretty simple to fabricate. Expect to experience a deal of power, efficiency and great aesthetics afterward. The amazing thing is that most parts and elements you need to the couple are not at all farfetched. You could get them from local stores around you.

The features of this go kart plan include

  • 36 x 24 frames
  • Custom hub motors
  • 22 miles per hour

The aluminum frames may require a degree of what is called abrasive water jet machining according to https://www.instructables.com/id/Chibikart-Rapid-Prototyping-a-Subminiature-Electr/ by the designer of this model. A major chunk of the process requires the use of the regular garage or workshop tools like bench vices, hacksaws, belt sanders and the rest.

This plan requires expertise and certain kits that need to be ordered online because they may not be allowed in local stores. This is due to the apparent caution in letting out certain tools and elements to the public. Suppliers such as McMaster-Carr, Surplus Centre, Big blue saw and a host of other stores are places you are definitely sure to get access to this equipment or parts.

2. The electric Arduingo Dingo

This plan is totally free. The end result is an amazing go-kart powered by Arduino; an open source electronic platform.


  • 30 MPH
  • A chain drive (1:10)
  • 10 diameter tires
  • Hobby wing Xerun 150A
  • Savox BSM5065 450Kv

This plan again is most suitable for the electronic-savvy. It requires some more complex explanation to be able to fabricate it. People generally familiar with electronics and the internal structure of go karts are at an enormous advantage with this model.

After the construction is over, a little bit of mechanical propelling or push is required to start the go-kart. https://www.instructables.com/id/Electric-Arduino-Go-kart/ contains the details.

3. Off-road go-kart plan

This go kart plan is simple, affordable and maybe the easiest to make. All you need to get is a

  • Wooden board, up to four
  • 4×3” Nails
  • 2×3” Metal rod (as brakes)
  • Bolts 4x wheels (you can be flexible with it)

The most amazing things about this are that you can be flexible a great deal with it as much as you want. The construction does not take much time. In such a short period of time, you will be done with the whole construction process. This go-kart plan is pretty flexible; you can outrightly choose the kind and length of wood you want to use.

4. Custom electric car kit

This plan is a bit off the trend In that it has three wheels as opposed to the common four-wheel go-kart designs. Custom as the name implies means that you could play with the design to a large extent.

You can decide to create a passenger seat for the other person if need be. This go-kart kit like a few others mentioned earlier might also require a certain percentage of expertise to pull off. The things you need include

  • Knowledge of rendering
  • Steel
  • A plate of aluminum Water jet ¼”
  • Ball joints among other things

For details concerning the plan, visit https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Custom-Electric-Go-Kart-and-Brushle/

5. Homemade DIY kit

Go-kart kits could quite swallow a huge amount of funds and at times leave a significant void in our pockets. In cases like this, one of the smartest things to turn to is a DIY go-kart.

This version of go-kart is extremely easy to build and in just a few days with a few scraps lying around your yard or garage, you could easily make this go-kart kit. Here are lists of things you must have in your possession

  • Assorted bolts
  • Rod
  • Flat stock
  • Seat
  • Steering wheel

In just 9 different steps you are done with your efficient, brand new go-kart. https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Custom-Electric-Go-Kart-and-Brushle/

6. Mower go-kart plan

This plan basically teaches you how to re-engineer your old mower to a go-kart. A certain degree of meticulousness and work is required here. You literally need to disassemble your mower before engineering again into a go-kart. The steps involved are pretty simple and short. You need to

  • Get a mower
  • Detach the deck
  • Gets painted for aesthetics.

This converted mower is perfect for mountainous and muddy terrains. The designer refers to it as the mower go kart. https://www.instructables.com/id/Mower-Go-Kart-2/ explains the details of this go-kart plan.

7. Racing kart model

This probably is the most elaborate of the go-kart plans we have earlier discussed. It treats its component separately in a more sophisticated fashion. For more detailed info, you might need to visit http://kartbuilding.net/racingkart/index.html

This plan works basically with

  • Brake and sprocket carriers
  • Rear brakes
  • Seat cradle
  • Engine cradle
  • Pedals
  • Front steering end
  • Modified clutch pedal and so many more in the class.

The designer clearly outlines every bit of the processes and provides sufficient materials files on every stage to guide you through every step of the way. The elements that are to be pieced together are well affordable and you can expect to have a classy go-kart after carefully carrying out the explicated processes.

8. Bicycle go-kart plan

You would need first to have two used bicycles. You can exhibit a kind of flexibility by choosing any motorcycle brand. This plan consists of one main motorbike as the major component and a sidecar welded together. This bicycle go-kart doesn’t necessarily run at an impressive speed.

Using an old engine can totally worsen things. An averagely good engine is way preferable. There are actually several ways to go about this particular go-kart plan. Some models of this particular look different from other ones, they have variants. To make the version above,

  • Get a motor
  • An 8 diameter pulley
  • A correct gear ratio
  • A friction drive
  • 5hp electric motor.

You also should carefully observe the processes at https://www.instructables.com/id/Bicycle-Go-Kart/.

9. Solar powered go-kart plan

This plan requires an already made gas-powered go-kart so it’s not like you are building off from the scratch. A level of familiarity is required in welding and machine works to be able to effectively pull this off. It should have occurred to you that this particular go-kart plan is cost-effective, all things being equal.

By going through the process of making this go-kart, you would have saved yourself a lot of donations in the name of gas since it is solar powered. The go-kart moves 20-25 mph.

The designer leaves a PDF to serve as a more detailed and thorough guide for making this cost-effective solar-powered go-kart. https://www.instructables.com/id/Solar-Powered-Go-Kart/

10. Leather recliner plan

This plan is indeed a crazy one. Can you imagine being mobile with the current recliner lying somewhere around your home? This is in fact very possible. All you need to get is

  • A recliner
  • 212cc engine
  • Go-kart frame

This is basically all it takes to amaze people with your slightly crazy invention. It requires a certain extent of welding and great use of regular household materials like pipes and the likes.

For more information on this particular go-kart plan, https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Recline-and-Go/ has the detailed information you need. There are diverse plans that could be explored. It all depends on your creativity and how tech-savvy you are.

Some people generally have affinities for these things. We’ve got you covered however if you don’t or do fall into this class. This article will help you select some of the most basic go kart plans and select the one that best appeals to you for purchase or the ones you could easily make yourself.

Some of these plans/patterns earlier listed again include

  • Gas propelled go-karts
  • Off-road go-karts
  • Recliner go-karts
  • Electric go-karts
  • Miniature planning Razor go-kart
  • Advanced clutch plan

The article is not necessarily a DIY guide. It is meant to familiarize you with the different brands; patterns and models go-kart kits could take. You might have been wondering what go-kart plans mean and maybe how to possibly do them yourself. The article is meant for you.

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