BERG Pedal Go Kart Review


BERG pedal go kart is easy to assemble pedal go kart. It is easy to learn, the handle has super safe breaks & goes ridiculously fast! This is an impressively engineered product – well built, made of robust materials, like a luxury vehicle. It pedals and steers incredibly effortlessly. Let’s see more about all that in this quick review of BERG pedal go kart.

Before we slip into the review, let’s talk about the cost of this go kart (it might sound little higher for some of you). The price you pay for this go kart is reasonable because of how sturdy it is; you are sure to get years of riding out of it. Your children are sure to love it and enjoy riding the kart.  You are sure to attract inquiries from intrigued neighbors and mesmerize kids.

Over to the review now.

Comprehensive Review of BERG Pedal Go Kart

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Pedal –It moves and steers unbelievably effortlessly and gracefully. Operating on flat grounds and slight elevations is easy.

Brake and Reverse – The BFR system designed by Berg allows the pedals to double up as a break from working in the backward direction. It can be ridden in reverse as well by working back. When you pedal back the go-kart will initially decelerate and halt; and when you come to a stop, you can pedal in reverse. This is easy to learn, and kids figure it out easily.

Sturdy – The sturdy frame makes this toy feel like a luxury vehicle.

Low Center of Gravity – The swing axle ascertains that the well-built kart stays on the ground and does not overturn in quick turns.

Assembly – It is easy to assemble once you receive the package. You will only need to put some simple parts and wheels together.  No hassles of chains or gear assembly.

The enclosed chain sprocket assemblies stay clear and do not infringe on the child’s safety.

Ages suitable for – The go kart is appropriate for ages 3 to 8.

Steering – The steering is comfortable with a good turning radius.

Key Advantages

The adjustable height steering column and movable seat mean that you can still play with your toy even as you grow taller. This helps even in case you have kids of different age groups in the same family who want a ride. The quality of manufacturing is very high. It is easy to adjust the seat setting, even if you have to do it multiple times a day.

It comes with a  2-year warranty on the toy and a 5-year warranty on the frame.

You can consider adding a horn to the steering wheel so people can hear it coming when they are backing out of their driveway. It rides low to the ground so your little one may not be visible to other drivers.


Remember to buy a helmet for your kid along with this toy.

Parking it in your closet is more flexible as it can be stored in an upright position as well.

To move on an incline, suggest your kid to try the trick to turn the steering wheel slightly to the left and right continuously while starting the pedals and it takes off.

It’s a blast, easy to handle, super safe with the breaks and rides ridiculously fast.

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