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Kids love to do what they see others doing. Driving is at the top of their list. Luckily, they can realize their dreams with a few exciting rides available in the market. Super cool four-wheel off-road vehicles are a kid’s fantasy…his first love and his first romance.

This article would give you detailed information on two of the most amazing off-road vehicles and a comparison of the two, to let you choose the best off-road go-kart.

Best Off Road Go Karts – Our Picks and Reviews


Razor Dune Buggy

Razor Dune Buggy is an amazing electric vehicle built for kids. Used mainly for the off-road riding desires of kids, it works fine even on flat surfaces.

The best thing about the Razor Dune Buggy is that it’s a safe ride for kids. Not shooting at 9 miles per hour, is enough for the parents not to stay concerned every time and at the same time letting the kids enjoy their full.

Moving forward, here are the features and the specifications of the Razor Dune Buggy.

Features and Specs

  • The highest speed of 9 mph
  • Its dimensions are 41” x 26.5” x 17.5” (L x W x H)
  • 45 minutes running time with a powerful 350 watts electric motor (high torque)
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Comfortable seat equipped with a seatbelt
  • Variable throttle speed with hand brakes control
  • It weighs 83.15 pounds. Designed for kids above 8 and a maximum of 120 lbs. weight
  • Knobby pneumatic tires perfect for off-road use (8”)
  • Vertical storage and equipped with rear suspension
  • Two rechargeable sealed lead acid batteries of 12V each. It comes with a UL approved charger
  • 12 hours of battery charge time
  • It comes with all the necessary tools and also a safety flag
  • The thumb paddle accelerator is super easy for children.
  • Safety is ensured as the parents get to set the throttle. It’s built to handle bumps of 1-2 inches.
  • You don’t have to take time out of your routine to assemble the Razor Dune Buggy; it comes pre-assembled.
  • It comes charged when it arrives; your kid can enjoy the ride right away.
  • The most important factor is safety. 9 mph is satisfactory enough for the parents. It slows down quite quickly when the accelerator is released. There’s a break too for slowing the vehicle down.
  • It provides a smooth ride, steers fine and also works well on grassy or flat surfaces.
  • Driving the Razor Dune Buggy uphill isn’t as effective as on the flat surface. The ground clearance is only 2”, any higher obstacle might not be handled by the vehicle.
  • There’s a small power light which glows only when the battery is critically low. It would have been more helpful if it showed every time how much battery is left.

Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle

Razor keeps coming up with wonderful toys for kids. Another great battery-powered off-road vehicle; Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle is one of the best gifts for your children.

Your kids will certainly fall in love with this machine after the thrilling ride. It also comes with impressive features and mind-blowing specifications.

Features and Specs

Here are the specifications and the scintillating features of Razor Dirt Quad Electric Four-Wheeled Off-Road Vehicle.

  • Its dimensions are 43″ x 24″ x 31.5″ (L x W x H)
  • Ideal for 8+ aged kids and supports a maximum of 120 lbs. weight
  • 24V battery system and UL approved charger along with all the tools
  • It can run up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • It has a charge time of 12 hours with a high torque electric motor (250 watts)
  • Powder coated steel frame which guarantees splash and weather resistance
  • Durable dirt quad frame geometry
  • Large and strong knobby pneumatic tires (13”)
  • Equipped with a rear disk brake which is hand-operated and a padded seat as well as twist grip for acceleration
  • It weighs 89 lbs. And has the vertical storing capability to save space
  • The sturdy design and pneumatic knobby tires enable your kids to ride on almost every surface. Don’t worry if they want to go uphill. It works great on slope terrain even.
  • Manufactured using highly easily parts, Razor Dirt Quad is an action-packed thrilling ride for kids. It is very easy to maneuver.
  • The welded steel frame is ideal for a dirt ride.
  • The best thing about Razor Dirt Quad is that it’s highly environment-friendly.
  • Razor Dirt Quad lacks lights, and there’s also no reverse gear. There have been quite some issues reported about the product regarding the charging of the machine. Some machines run for only 15-20 minutes which is quite terrible battery timing.
  • It has a high center of gravity meaning that it can tip over easily. Large wheels over narrow body make the turn over even at a slow speed.

Both Are Great But Which One’s The Best?

Talking of action, adventure and fun, both are mind-blowing rides for kids. A little comparison would let us know as to which product is the best among the two.

Both have a solid structure and quite comfortable too. But, Razor Dune Buggy has a lower center of gravity as compared to Razor Dirt Quad. Low center of gravity = more stability. It turns quite smoothly without flipping over. Razor Dirt Quad doesn’t have that stability.

A charge time of 12 hours for both the machines, but there have been serious issues regarding the charging of Razor Dirt Quad. It works all right for 20 minutes and then…dead. Razor Dune Buggy has a more powerful motor with a power of 350 watts as compared to 250 watt motor of Razor Dirt Quad.

Razor Dirt Quad works fine; it’s a few complaints that we are talking about here. Both the products are amazingly fun-packed toys. But, Razor Dune Buggy wins the race in this comparison.

It’s a must experience off-road go-kart vehicle for kids. Highly recommended for those who want to gift their children a fantastic toy!

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