Best TaoTao ATVs Reviews and Buyer’s Guide


In the last few years, the popularity of ATVs has rapidly increased mainly due to advance in technology. With the advancement in the field of technology, different manufacturers are now able to produce more affordable and safer ATVs for both adults and kids. Consequently, there is a high number of manufacturers that offer different varieties of four wheelers. This makes choosing the ideal one a daunting task.

Unlike in the past when ATVs came with a big price tag making it unaffordable to most people, there are many new brands in the market with great features and available at friendly prices. Tao Tao is among the most affordable ATVs that also includes all the premium features.

Dependable engines with great fuel efficiency usually power tao Tao ATVs. Besides, most Tao Tao four wheelers are equipped with stronger rear suspension, improved double A-arm suspension and durable disk/drum brake for enhanced safety.

These ATVs also come with front and rear racks that offer a space to place your riding gears as well as a front bumper protector just like the one featured in huge SUVs. The front bumper protects your four-wheeler from possible harm or damage during impact.

Tao Tao automobile offers excellent performance and with a wide selection of off-road vehicles specifically designed for people at every age. In addition, these ATVs are equipped with special features including large disc brake and fully automatic transmission, which allows for an easy and smoother ride. Tao Tao four wheelers also come with bright tail, head, and brake light, which come in handy when you are driving in the evening.

Moreover, Tao Tao ATVs are designed and built by ISO9000 certified manufacturers under strict quality control. Apart from being affordable, Tao Tao four-wheelers have similar performance as many of the top brand name ATVs like Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. This ensures that get an enjoyable riding experience while saving extra money for other expenses.

Just like most ATVs from top brands, Tao Tao ATVs for kids are equipped with the remote control stop that allows you to control the four wheelers from about 30 feet away. This special feature allows you or the rider to pull a safety strap to stop the ATV if necessary.

The vehicle also features a specially designed guard or footrest that offers the much-needed protection to your feet from the ground surface and burning tires. Moreover, the rear hydraulic disc brakes provide a quick braking ability for improved safety. This makes Tao Tao ATVs easy to start and stop, thus they are simple to operate flawlessly.

Maintaining and repairing Tao Tao four wheelers is relatively affordable since the replacements parts are readily available and at fair prices. Tao Tao produces electric and gas ATVs, which gives the customer a wider option.

Here we have prepared a well-detailed review and buyer’s guide to help you find the best Tao Tao ATVs. This will save you time and most importantly some money.

5 Best Tao Tao ATVs – Reviews and Comparisons

If you are looking for affordable ATVs with all the premium features, Tao Tao four-wheelers are a better option. Here we have researched and reviewed the 5 best Tao Tao ATVs available in the market today that offer a good value for your money. These include:

Image Go Kart Model Price on Amazon
TAO TAO T FORCE MODEL 110CC, automatic with reverse
Tao Tao Brand New Adult Size Rhina250 cc ATV with Reverse and Standard Manual Clutch
Tao Tao ATV T Force 110cc with Big Rugged Wheels
Tao Tao New 4 Wheeler 110cc with a fully automatic engine and reverse
Tao Tao ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine fully automatic

Tao Tao T Force Model 110CC, Automatic ATV with Reverse

Tao Tao T Force 100cc is a gas powered ATV and one of the new full automatic four wheelers available in the market today. Usually, when you are looking for ATV in your mind, you expect it to be able to perform well in almost any kind of terrain.

This vehicle features an excellent design with independent suspension as well as dual brakes with reverse capacity. Independent suspension is important to any vehicle as it allows you to ride on any terrain you want.

With the independent suspension, the wheels of the ATVs can accommodate the terrain that you are riding on. This type of suspension allows each wheel to move vertically independently.

It reduces the chances of unwanted tilting and flipping, especially when any of the wheels hit a boulder or a rock. Therefore, with the new Tao Tao automobile, you can hit any type of road and still enjoy a smooth ride.

The automobile has a push-button start and extra unique remote, which makes it uncomplicated and straightforward to operate perfectly. This newly introduced feature in Tao Tao ATVs makes the starting method much easier. Moreover, it comes with 160/170 lbs maximum weight limit, thus it is suitable for riders with different weight.

It is equipped with rear drum hydraulic bake and front hydraulic brake. The two braking systems work together to give the rider more control and minimize the chances of an accident. Besides, it also has a reverse capacity feature, which ensures that you have a wonderful riding experience.


  • Remote kill switch
  • Drum rear foot brake and front hand brake
  • Fully automatic transmission
  • Added Independent suspension
  • CDI ignition
  • Speed remote
  • Requires basic assembly of wheels, hook up batteries, handlebars, change oil, and attack rack only.
  • Perfect choice for riders up to 51/2 feet tall
  • It is equipped with independent suspension.
  • It is ideal for all kind of terrain.
  • Comes with dual brakes system, rear drums foot brake, and front hand brake.
  • Has sturdy wheels for proper balance.
  • It can manage speed up to 5mph, which is ideal for beginners.
  • It has a noisy engine, which can bother you a bit.
  • Maximum speed is 35/40 mph only.

Why I Chose to Include this ATV

Tao Tao ATVs is a mid-sized automobile with great features including the newly introduced features on the brand’s products. This makes it suitable for riders 4-5.5 ft. Besides, the gas automobile is fully automatic and has a remote kill switch. The newly introduced feature allows you to control both the start and stop of the automobile easily making it a great choice for kids and young riders.


Tao Tao Brand New Adult Size Rhina250 cc ATV with Reverse and Standard Manual Clutch

If you are looking for an ATV with adorable look and design that still offers great performance in any terrain, then Tao Tao full-size adult ATV is a great choice for you. The automobile comes with a dual brakes system that provides excellent stopping power even in rough and steep terrain. Dual brakes come in handy, especially when in an emergency and one of the brakes fail since the other one will help you slow down.

Just like other ATVs in Tao Tao line, it is equipped with drums rear brakes and hydraulic front brakes. Therefore, the ability to rely on your brakes fully is one of the things that make Tao Tao ATVs stand out from the competition.

Moreover, the new Rhina250 adult size four wheeler comes with a four gears engine and relatively bigger tires that allows for smooth and flawless riding experience. This gives the rider more control and security in any kind of terrain. The Full Body Adult size ATV has a manual clutch and 250cc engine. It allows you to reserve 4.2 liters of fuel in one shot.

The Full-size automobile comes with a kill switch that enables to operate the machine with ease and the much-needed convenience.

Apart from the dual braking system, the automobile has a speed limiter that offers you more control over the speed of the vehicle. Besides, it comes with reverse capacity that allows you to make a backward movement more frequently and easily. It is also equipped with independent suspension, which enables you to have better control and smooth riding experience in rough terrain.

However, the only downside about this powerful Adult size ATV is that its assembly process requires much attention as compared to standard automobiles though it is worth it. Most of the steering and framing components also need all the bolts to be checked as some might be too loose. It is also advisable to change oil and start the motor of the ATV before assembling it fully to identify any fuel or electrical issues.


  • 4 gears including reverse
  • A front hand brake and rear foot brake
  • Independent shocks
  • Electric start and the standard clutch
  • 4.2-liter fuel capacity
  • It has the reverse capacity
  • Built with independent suspension
  • Durable in regular maintenance
  • Ideal for all types of terrain
  • Allows you to attach a snow plow
  • It is not remote control
  • Relatively poor seat design
  • It is not automatic

Why Did We choose to Include this ATV?

The Full-size 250cc ATV comes with several premium features. It has a standard manual clutch and 4 gears, which makes its riding more engaging. Besides, it has a dual braking system that offers you great stopping power in case of an emergency or riding on steep terrain.

Finally, the ATV has a relatively bigger fuel capacity of up to 4.2 liters, which allows you more riding time before refueling. It is also built with independent shocks that will enable you to have full control over the automobile in any terrain.


Philips AVENT DECT Baby MonitorTao Tao ATV T Force 110cc with Big Rugged WheelsPhilips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor

When you think of a simple but powerful ATV, you might have to consider a vehicle with an engine that performs efficiently and stays cool and running even after extended play time. The ATV T force 110cc automobile is air cooled, which means that it comes with less moving parts that can malfunction.

Liquid cooled ATVs are usually relatively expensive to maintain and repair, and if the system fails, it could be catastrophic. This makes the 110cc ATV with rugged wheels an excellent choice for those who want to address engine heating issues quickly. However, it is advisable to check the owners manual to understand how you can adequately manage engine heat problems when riding.

The Tao Tao T Force ATV is an automatic automobile that comes with reverse capacity. It is also equipped with an improved dual brake system that makes the four-wheeler safer than ever before. With the big rugged wheels, the New T Force ATV has relatively high client satisfaction rate as compared to standard vehicles in the market today. The big rugged wheels allow you to ride in any kind of terrain with great comfort and better balance.

It is equipped with an independent suspension that absorbs shocks and reduces unwanted movement and tilting. Besides, it has a speed limiter, which enables you to control speed up to 5 mph. The ATV has 300 pounds weight limit, and with the great shocks, it can be a nice ride even on rough roads.


  • Fully automatic
  • Reverse capacity
  • Dual brake system, front hand brake, and drum rear brake
  • Independent suspension
  • Air-cooled system
  • 4 stroke electric start engine
  • Max loading capacity of 300 pounds
  • Big rugged wheels
  • It comes with a dual brake system
  • It has an air-cooled system
  • Offers better control and balance
  • Comes with a key fob with two buttons, stop and run
  • It comes with a 6-month warranty
  • Relatively hard to start in cold weather
  • Has a height limitation
  • Maximum speed up to 25/30 mph only

Why We Chose to Include this ATV?

The New T Force ATV with big rugged wheels offers better control and balance in any kind of terrain. It comes with a dual brake system that gives more stopping power even when riding on steep areas. The automobile is equipped with an air-cooled system, which means less moving parts that could malfunction. Besides, the 110cc big wheel ATV has relatively high customer satisfaction.

It also comes with a speed governor that allows you to manage speed down up to 5 mph for safer riding in rough terrain. The vehicle is equipped with a 4-stroke engine electric start engine that allows for the simple operation of the machine. With the premium features, the ATV is a safer choice for your kids. Moreover, the automobile has 300 pounds weight limit making it ideal for most riders.


Tao Tao New 4 Wheeler 110cc with a fully automatic engine and reverse

Tao Tao brand new 110cc is a fully automatic ATV with reverse capacity. It comes with a dual brake system, hydraulic front hand brake and drums rear foot brake. This gives the rider reliable stopping power. Moreover, the automobile has a speed governor that allows you to manage speed making it more secure and safer for kids.

The ATV is gas powered, thus the best option for those who like traveling with their automobiles. In this case, you need to carry extra fuel for refueling while on the trail, unlike electric vehicles that allow you only a limited time. In addition, gas-powered ATVs tends to have more power as compared to their counterparts.

It has an engine kill switch, which is a safety feature that comes in handy when you need to stop in case of an emergency. Moreover, the ATV is a fully remote control. Thus you can use the remote to stop and start the automobile remotely. The vehicle also allows you to limit the throttle with a screw on the handlebar.

Besides, the ATV is designed with a back rack and front rack giving you enough space to place your riding gears. It is definitely an excellent choice for a young rider looking for a wonderful and safe riding experience.


  • Fully automatic
  • Rear and front tire 8-7 inches x 16 inches
  • Electric start
  • Back rack and a front rack
  • Air-cooled system
  • Dual brake system, drum rear foot brake, and front hand brake
  • Has reverse capacity
  • Fully remote control
  • It is CARB approved
  • It has the reverse capacity
  • Comes with a dual brake system, front hand brake and drum rear foot brake
  • Speed can be limited up to 5 mph
  • Comes with a one-year engine warranty
  • It has an air-cooled system
  • You may be required to change the fuel and clean the carb after a relatively shorter time
  • Does not offer enough space for tall riders

Why Did We choose to Include this ATV?

The brand new fully automatic 4 wheeler is a safe and secure ride for young riders. It comes with speed governor that allows you to gun down the speed up to 5 mph. Besides, it features a dual brake system, a front hand hydraulic brake, and drums rear foot brake for more stopping power.

The ATVs is fully automatic for uncomplicated and straightforward riding experience. It has is also fully remote control, which can be used to start or stop the vehicle in case of an emergency. In addition, the automobile is equipped with a back rack and front rack that offers extra space to store your gears. Th new four-wheeler comes with a well-designed headlight that allows you to drive at night as well as in any dark environment.

Finally, it has a reverse capacity that enables you to make a backward movement frequently and quickly. It also CARB-approved, which means that it meets the required standards for ATVs.


Tao Tao ATV 110cc 4 Stroke Engine fully automatic

Choosing a fully automatic ATV is a great option, especially for youthful riders using lower displacement engines. Vehicles with automatic transmission are also suitable for beginners or riders that are just learning the skill of riding. Besides, riding a fully automatic ATV is safe and more comfortable as it ensures that you put your attention where it should be. It also eliminates the hassle of having to master the skill of controlling the clutch, especially when it comes to young kids.

If you are looking for an economical automobile with all the premium features, the Tao Tao is a great option. The ATV comes with a dual brake system, front hydraulic disc brake, and drum rear brakes. It is built with sturdy but light single tube steel, which makes it considerably lightweight. Moreover, the four-wheeler has a back rack and front rack for ample storage for carrying your loads.

The ATV features a 4-stroke engine that offers excellent performance making it ideal for any kind of terrain. It also comes with tough tires that allow you to maneuver easily even while on rough roads.  However, the automobile does not come with an independent suspension, a feature that comes in handy when riding on rough roads.

Finally, it comes with a built-in remote kill switch, which enables you to kill and stop the engine remotely. It has a loading limit of up to 80 lbs, which is one of its major downsides.


  • One gallon fuel tank capacity
  • Dual brakes system, a front hydraulic disc, and drum rear brakes
  • Single tube steel constructed frame
  • Speed limiter can govern it down to 5 mph
  • Rear mono adjustable shock
  • Fully automatic
  • It comes with a built-in speed governor
  • Fully automatic with front and back rack
  • It is equipped with an electric kill switch
  • Comes with a one-year engine parts warranty
  • It is ideal for all terrain
  • It does not have independent suspension
  • It has no reverse capacity
  • It is not CARB approved

Why Did We choose to Include this ATV?

With the 4 stroke engine 110cc ATV, you are guaranteed of wonderful riding experience and happy times. Besides, the automobile is fully automatic and has an electric kill switch for uncomplicated and straightforward riding. It also comes with a speed limiter that gives full control over the speed.

Moreover, the fully automatic 110cc ATV has a dual brake system that includes a front hydraulic hand brake and rear drum foot brake. It also comes with tough tires that make it suitable for all terrains, although it does not have an independent suspension. The automobile has a rear metal rack that offers space for placing your loads.

The four-wheeler features a tether that goes around it. This helps shut the automobile down in case of an emergency. Therefore, the Tao Tao 110cc fully automatic Sports ATV features a safe design ideal for ids. You can even give it to your kids as a surprise gift and make them happy.

Buying Guide for ATVs

Choosing the best ATVs can be a great challenge, especially with the high number of products in the market today. Here is a buying guide to help you choose the best ATVs without wasting much time or money.

Things to Consider When Buying ATVs

There are many things that you need to look at before purchasing an ATV.  The following are the major factors to consider:


This is one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing your automobile. It is advisable to choose a product from reputable and well-established brands. However, with thorough research, you can also find new brands that have hit the market with many products that offer excellent customer satisfaction such as Tao Tao ATVs.

Automatic or Manual transmission

Fully automatic ATVs allows for simple and uncomplicated operation as compared to manual vehicles. Besides, automatic four wheelers ensure that your attention as a ride is where it should be. On the other hand, ATVs with manual transmission have more power and thus higher performance in rugged and steep places.


Buying automobiles with big rugged wheels offer more balance and support. It also allows the automobile to move smoothly without tilting or flipping on a rough road.


Automobiles with independent suspension system offer a safe, comfortable and smooth riding experience, especially while riding a rugged place. They are also less likely to flip or tilt when their wheels come across a boulder or rock.

Gas or Electric-powered

Gas-powered ATVs offer more power and extended playtime. They are suitable for travelers who enjoy moving with their automobiles as one can carry extra fuel for refueling. However, electric automobiles are less costly to maintain.

How to Change Oil in a Tao Tao ATV

When owning a Tao Tao ATV, changing the oil in your automobile is one of the significant things that you should include in your daily routine. This is a maintenance procedure that can be found on Tao Tao Service Manual, which means that it can easily be done at home.

It is advisable to change the oil after 25 hours of total riding, but this might differ in different manuals since models and brands are different.

Requirements for an Oil Change
  • Funnel
  • Oil filter
  • Premium oil SAE 15W/40
  • Wrenches
  • Oil Pan
  • Paper towels and rags
  1. Start and run the engine before to allow the engine oil to warm. Warm engine oil suspends contaminants and flows better making it easier for it to flow out of the engine.
  2. Loosen the drain bolt and allow the oil to drain into the pan. Ensure that you let all the oil to drain out of the engine up to the last drop. Using a flush is also recommended to ensure that the oil flows to the last drop.
  3. Use one of the wrenches to remove the oil cap and then remove the oil filter. To push out more oil roll the engine by using your hand on the kickstart. Clean the oil pot and filters with rags. Then add some fresh engine oil around the seal and the rubber lip of the new filter and then place it inside. If you are using reusable filters, wash them and allow them to dry.
  4. Once all oil has drained and the filters dried, add new oil with the funnel while ensuring that you add the exact amount stated on the manual. In this case, remember that 4-stroke engines might be designed with two bolts, one for transmission oil and the other for engine oil. Therefore, you need to change both of them according to the procedure on the manual.

Final Verdict

We have reviewed some of the best Tao Tao ATVs available in the market today. Therefore, there are other Tao Tao automobiles that did not make to our list but still would offer great value for your money.

If you have gone through the reviews of the 5 products above, you have probably noticed that there are certain key features that are common to most of the top-rated vehicles. These include the type of transmission, suspension system, cooling system, brake system, wheels, kill switch and fully remote control feature.

Most people prefer fully automatic ATVs as they are uncomplicated and straightforward to operate since the rider does not have to face the hassle of overcoming clutch tension. On the other hand, manual transmission provides more power, thus ATVs with manual transmission offer higher performance. The best automobiles are equipped with a dual brake system, which offers more stopping power. These ATVs are also safe and secure since the other brake can save a situation where the other brake fails.

It is also advisable to choose vehicles with big and rugged wheels as they offer greater stability and better balance in any kind of terrain. This prevents the four wheelers from flipping or tilting when riding on rough terrain. Besides, they also come with a relatively high weight capacity as compared to those with smaller wheels.

The best Tao Tao ATVs should have an independent suspension system for smoother and wonderful riding experience. This ensures that riders are able to enjoy their playtime even on rough roads without risking getting involved in accidents that result from flipping and tilting.

Gas powered ATVs offers more advantages as compared to electric automobiles. These vehicles provide a longer playtime and more power than electric ones.

Tao Tao automobiles with air-cooled engines are better than the ones with liquid-cooled engines as they have less moving parts. This means that they are less likely to malfunction and also cheaper to repair in case of a breakdown. Moreover, air-cooled ATVs are also likely to experience engine-heating issues.

Vehicles that are equipped with kill switch are safer and more secure to ride making them friendly to young kids. The kill switch enables you to kill and stop the engine in case of an emergency. Buying an automobile that is fully remote control provides a more convenient operation procedure.

Besides, Tao Tao ATVs are available in various sizes that suit both adults and kids. It is also important to mention that most of them have been CARB approved, which means that they meet the set requirements for ATVs. Besides, these automobiles have an impressive customer satisfaction rate.

Finally, most Tao Tao automobiles come with powerful engines, higher weight limits and are mainly all-terrain vehicles. We hope that one of the products that we have reviewed above will meet your requirements and suit your budget.

However, if you are unable to find the best Tao Tao product in our list you can still research as there are many other great automobiles from the brand.

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