Fisher Price Power Wheels Dune Racer Review


Are you looking for gifting your child a toy that is not only fun to ride but takes the whole experience altogether to the next level of thrill?  How about adding an extra excitement element to your next camping trip? We are back, and today we brought you a detailed, spec-by-spec review of a racing product that can be enjoyed by a boy or a girl child. It comes from a well-known brand and boasts some decent specifications. Well, we are talking about Power Wheel Dune Racer by Fisher-Price.


Fisher-Price Power Wheels Dune Racer


Dune Racer looks cool and has a sturdy body. Chrome wheels do a great job of supporting driving in different terrains such as grass, hard surfaces and even road.

Metal sidebars are provided for your child’s safety. Power brakes ensure that the vehicle’s speed/movement can be easily controlled/stopped.

It also has a space for storage so that your kid can keep his new toys, belongings (See the picture on the right).

Weight capacity: The vehicle support weight up to 130 lbs.

Recommended age group: This toy can be enjoyed by kids from age 3  – 6 years.

Performance Review

Note that for starting this vehicle, one needs to pedal it for few minutes, the electric motor kicks in and takes care of further movements. This vehicle comes with two speeds (2.5 mph and 5 mph which can be opted depending upon the age group of the rider).

If you are a kid is just starting out with this vehicle, then you can restrict him/her to 2.5 mph by leaving the high-speed lock as it is. Once your child gains confidence, and in a better position to control the toy, you can enable the vehicle to accelerate up to 5 mph by removing the high-speed lock.

Dune Racer does pretty well on various surfaces such as wet grass, harsh terrain, etc. Remember, this is mainly an ‘off-road’ toy.

Quick Specifications

Engine Type: Electric

Terrain Designed For Suitable: Multiple (grass, hard ground)

Age Group (in years)):3-6 years

Max Speed : 2 variables speeds (2.5 mph & 5 mph)

Safety Features: Metal frames, power break, speed lock


Got a few questions? Below are some of the doubts you might have about this product and our answers for the same.

Can girl children also enjoy this racer toy?

Very much, dune racer also has a pink & purple color variant which is best suited for girl kids.

Is this a geared vehicle

Technically yes, however it consists of only 2 gears (low speed and high speed)  and is very easy to operate.

What are the color options?

Pink & purple, camo, green, lava red & black

What is the recommended age group for this race toy?

3-6 years


Considering the vast color choices, solidly built body, safety features and suitability factor for both boy and girls, this Fisher-Price Dune Racer is sure to bring a smile on yours and your kid’s face.

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