Gas Powered Go Karts for Kids – Are They Safe?

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You must have seen kids enjoying karting on go-karts. Go-karts have four wheels and are made up of a chassis, an engine, a braking system, a steering assembly, and apparently a seat. Depending on the frame used, you would get one or two seated go-karts. However, the kid’s go-karts are single seated.

Kids always try to do something that would be fun and it is the duty of elders to make sure that they learn while they enjoy it. Learning nowadays does not only relate to academics learning. Extracurricular activities have become vital, and when a kid goes go-karting, he learns the basics of driving while he is only enjoying himself. Now, different types of go-karts are enjoyed by kids.

Various types of Go-Karts For Kids

Go-karting is done by children of around 7 years and above at amusement park. However, there are some competitions too held at block levels for fun.

These are three major types of Go-karts for kids.

  • Gas-powered go karts
  • Electric powered go karts
  • Pedal powered go karts

Now let’s discuss them in detail.

The name of each type of go-kart would let you know about the primary source of power of these go-karts. When the go-kart is powered by gasoline, it would be considered by gas powered go-kart, while if one or two electric motors and batteries powers the go-kart, you would own an electric power go-kart. And when you pedal the go-kart yourself for making it move, you are on a pedal powered go-kart.

Pedal Powered Go-Karts

For using a pedal powered go-kart, you have to ride them on flat land. Using them over ups and downs can be dangerous for your kid. However, if your child is small enough, then these lightweight go-karts can be a choice.

Now let us check out the difference between gas powered go-karts and electric powered go-karts and find out which is more suitable.

Gas Powered Go Karts

First, let us go through the pros of Gas-powered go karts

  • When you use the gas engine, you can expect to have more horsepower. Thus the top speed of the go-kart would be much more than one with electric engine
  • Once you fill the gas, you can ride for long, while in electric go karts, you may have to stop in between to recharge the batteries
  • They are much more durable than any other type of go-karts
  • The parts of gas-powered go-karts are readily available in the market, and if you need any change you do not have to worry a lot about it

Cons of Gas Powered Go-Karts

  • As the speed of gas powered go-karts is more, it has to be handled safely by the kids
  • As gas is used for powering these go-karts, while they run on track they emit fumes. This may not be good for the health of the kid
  • The maintenance cost can be high, as there are more mechanical parts in a gas engine

Electric Powered Go Kart

Once we know about the pros and cons of gas powered go-karts, let’s look at the pros of electrically powered go karts

  • They are considered safer as the speed would not be more and thus chances of rolling over become less
  • As the mechanical parts of an electric powered go-kart are less, the overall maintenance cost would be less
  • No fumes are emitted from this type of go-karts, so it’s great using them indoor

Now let us examine the cons

These go-karts run off batteries. So for every minute run by you, it would require charging. Hence, the fun of riding sometimes gets reduced.

Although, technically it seems that electric go karts are a better option than gas go karts. But speaking of performance, they cannot perform anywhere near the gas go karts.

Most of the electric go karts are built on lower quality frames so you cannot expect them to be durable enough. The motor generates a lot amount of heat that may be dangerous for your kid.

Electric vehicles need to charge their batteries again and again, and they would lose the energy of go-karting, and the fun would not be there.

Moreover, as gas engine go-karts are making on high-quality frames, you can expect them to be more durable and user-friendly.

You would get a lot of options for gas powered go-karts for your kids than any other type. This is due to the popularity of this kind of go-kart.

Risk Associated With Gas Go-Karts

However, when you are letting your kid ride the go-kart, you should be careful about their safety too. As they run on gas, the kids can speed up the vehicles which can be dangerous. Hence, while buying it, you must check the highest speed of the go-kart and then buy it according to the age of your kid.

Another problem that can be faced while your child is riding gas engine go kart is that it would emit fumes and that may prove to be dangerous. However, if you allow your child to enjoy his rides outdoor, then the risk can be minimised.

Wrapping Up

While gas powered, go karts deliver that thrill and fun while traveling, it’s of utmost importance that as a parent, you always monitor and take care of your kids while they are on this kind of toys, especially something that is fuelled by gasoline.

Electric-powered go-karts are much safer for children when compared to gasoline-powered ones. No wonder they are popular than all other types of go-karts there.

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