Go Karting Gear

Go-karting is considered safe motorsport for individuals of all ages and has proven to be incredibly popular with younger children. This means protecting our children in this sport or hobby is a number one priority not only for parents and guardians but also for the manufacturers.


In this article, we will be taking a look at the clothing gear and accessories needed when driving these fantastic pieces of equipment. We will first start off with the Go-karting suit.

A Go-kart suit is one of the most important pieces of clothing for adults and children who plan on sitting in the driver’s seat. The suit increases the overall safety of the driver and can also improve driver performance.

The Go-kart suit’s primary role is to protect the driver from debris that may kick up off the terrain. It also provides significant protection to the driver if there is ever an accident or if the driver falls from the kart.

The Go-kart suit is fashioned from materials that create a smooth surface, so if a driver is ejected, they will typically slide across the terrain than causing unnecessary friction and possible injury.

A wide variety of different Go-karting suits are manufactured to be incredibly aerodynamic which subsequently improves the driver’s performance when racing. Like any clothing, it is important that buyers consider the size of the suit carefully to allow for a comfortable and tight fit.

Go-kart Suit Safety


As above, a Go-kart suit is decided to create as little friction as possible to avoid possible injury if a driver is ever ejected. Furthermore, additional padding is also included inside every suit which allows for extra protection and prevents injury.

Keep in mind that many indoor and outdoor circuits will not allow a child or adult to race without the correct Go-karting suit.  Even though many circuits may be able to provide a suit, it is always worth purchasing your own to ensure the best possible fit and protection for you or your child.

Go-kart suits that are provided by a circuit do not typically fit correctly and may show signs of heavy use or damage that can significantly reduce their protection and safety capabilities.

Go-karting Helmets

Go-kart helmets are equally as important as the suit. Just like Go-karting suits, many circuits will not allow drivers to participate with a correct helmet. Some helmets are designed to be streamlined to help improve the aerodynamics of the driver, while other helmets include extensive padding to provide additional protection.

Visually, you can match a helmet with a suit, or vice versa to create a unique and safe look. Helmets are very similar to suits, with regards to fitting; helmets much be sized properly so they feel snug when worn but still allowing the driver to feel comfortable.

Remember, when purchasing a helmet, to check as to whether the child’s sight isn’t impaired.

Go-karting Gloves

Go-kart gloves are designed to protect the driver’s hands and also improve the grip on the steering wheel. They offer plenty of protection in the event of an accident, plus they will protect the driver’s hands if they come into contact with any hot components.

It’s important to size gloves correctly. If they are too big for the driver, they run the risk of losing sensitivity on the wheel, and gloves that are too small can become incredibly uncomfortable.

Go-karting Boots

Boots for Go-karting provide the driver with better traction to make sure that the driver’s foot isn’t able to slip off from the pedals. Go-kart boots should fit snugly and also comfortable, as they may be worn for long periods of time and shouldn’t cause discomfort such as rubbing.

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