Hauck Lightning Pedal Kids Go-Kart – Review


There are plenty of options available for kids under the age of 7 in go-karts, and today we have picked up a very popular pedal-driven go-kart for review – Hauck Lightning Pedal Kids Go-Kart

Kiddos of ages between 4-7 years are not ready for an electric-powered go-kart; they need a much basic version of that. Because it would be too much of a hassle for them to operate and handle an electrically powered vehicle.

A safe option for them is to give something which they can run manually. Pedaling is the obvious choice.


Hauck Lightning Pedal Kids Go-Kart

Look, Feel and Design Aspects

Sporting a vibrant green color frame, this pedal go-kart from Hauck is eye-catching and stands apart. It’s sturdy enough to sustain vibrations of terrain and at the same time, light enough for a kid of 4 years. It strikes the right balance there.

Unlike Razor Dune Buggy, this one runs by pedaling.

The vehicle has the provision of forwarding and reverse action, plus consists of a 3-point steering wheel. Brakes are easy to handle, and the seat provided is comfortable.

The frame is made up of a powder-coated steel tube for better durability.

Tired are rubberized and give better grip while braking.

The overall design is crafted in a way to suit kids aged between 4-7 years.

How it Performs?

Being a manually pedaled vehicle, not much can be said about the speed aspect here unlike in the case of an electrically powered vehicle. Having said that, Hauck Pedal Go Kart is sturdy enough to withstand moderate rough terrain (we don’t recommend using this vehicle on more raw ones considering the age group for which the product is designed).

  • Manual pedaling provides vital physical exercise to your little ones
  • No charging/fueling needed
  • Far cheaper than electric/gas-powered go karts
  • Since it’s a manually powered vehicle, you can’t expect high speeds with this vehicle
Engine TypeTerrain Designed ForSuitable Age (in years)Max SpeedSafety FeaturesPrice
PedalAll Terrain4-7 YearsN/AYesCheck here


Being very economical, this go-kart is a great pick for your kid and worth your money as your child will enjoy the thrilling ride on this vehicle without being much worried about automatic controls. We strongly recommend you go for this. If your kid is above 8 years, then you should take a look at something like a Razor Dune Buggy.

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