How To Make Your Go Kart Street Legal – A Definitive Guide


Most roads or virtually all roads aren’t just free grounds where random moving things glide through arbitrarily. There are rules and regulations guiding the movement of vehicles on roads. A few boxes need to be checked and unsurprisingly these codes of conduct on the road extend even to go-karts. A Street-legal go-kart has its own demands that need to be met for it to acquire the “legal” status.

The requirements may differ depending on the particular location you find yourself, however, striking similarities exist between the requirements should you find yourself as a lover of go-kart anywhere, anytime. These requirements are usually a breeze and require no hassles at all to be met.

They are mostly safety measures guiding the movement of slow vehicles. Once these requirements are met, you can boast of a street-legal go-kart.

It is common for people to drive go-karts freely in their backyards and on their lawns, but the fun and utility really comes in when you introduce new terrains to the tires of your go-karts. How would you feel, if you need had to worry about being caught while extending the terrains and reach of your go-kart?


A Street Legal Go-Kart – Making Your Go Kart Street Legal – Key Points to Consider

To make your go-kart street legal, here are a few things you need to have acquired and a few steps you must take.

1. Install proper safety gears to your go-kart

The abundance of safety gears is the most basic feature of any street-legal Go-kart. This is not surprising. All road regulations are mostly structured towards ensuring a crash free procession of vehicles. Some of these safety gears that need to be installed include
• Headlights
• Tail lights
• Safety belts
• Brakes
• Rear view mirrors
• Speedometer and odometer
• Windshield
• Steering wheel
• Engine hood.
• Bumpers
• Lights
• Reflectors
• Mufflers and exhaust.

The headlights are very crucial to car safety. For your go-kart to be street-legal, more than just having headlights attached to it, the headlights and other safety gears are required to be in their optimum performance states. The headlight and the tail light are both very important factors that determine the legitimacy of go-karts on the road.

Both lights must have their full glow potentials so they could come on whenever necessary.

The seat belt is equally useful in preventing forward launching into the air of drivers in case of accidents. Brakes and rearview mirrors too are important considerations. The brake enables you to stop when in motion at any point in time. The direct result of not being able to halt at will on the road is an inevitable accident.

The rear view mirror which is a necessary requirement gives you a holistic perception of the road. You would agree it seems insane to maneuver around town with a naked engine. The “hood” must definitely have a shield.

Equipping your Go-kart with all of these security gears ensures that your go-karts thoroughly fail any test related to crashworthiness and definitely aces roadworthiness.

2. Speed Test

The speed of a go-kart is usually observed by the appropriate bodies, DMV as the case is in the United States. They test and verify the speed of go-karts.

The first stage of the inspection starts with the safety gear check. After this has been successfully checked a driving test is then conducted. You might be expecting that your super fast Go-kart is about to earn some street-legal reputation. Well, the opposite might be the case. Go-karts are not required to imitate regular vehicles in terms of speed.

It must not go beyond 25miles per hour so if your go-kart is a quasi “sports car” you might definitely not ace the test in that instant. It is important to note that you should never drive your Go-kart to the DMV. You are definitely getting a ticket and the go-cart will additionally get impounded

3. Fuel the tank prior to the test

You don’t want to give any bad impression about your Go-kart while being tested. Fuelling the tank prevents a good number of glitches during the process of testing. Placing a triangle at the rear of the kart ensures your safety. Other road users who definitely should recognize the sign are made aware that you are currently manning a slow speed vehicle.

Although low-speed vehicles are not permitted on all roads they still ply the same roads as the conventional vehicles.

4. Get your Go-kart registered

After you must have aced your speed test, you still need to register your Go-kart. The registration of your Go-kart would be as a low-speed vehicle (LSV) this time. LSV vehicles are usually treated lightly when it comes to road regulations. They don’t often have to comply with more stringent rules as the other cars have to. They are in fact actually supposed to be meant for short trips maybe for recreation, shopping, and other unelaborated functions.

LSV’s are required also to be exactly 300 pounds in gross weight or at least below that number. Failure to meet these requirements, the slot to register as a regular vehicle might and not be available but you may really not find the complicated rules worth it for just a go-kart.

5. Get a vehicle identification number

For most vehicles, it is mostly inscribed or could be etched somewhere covert. It can be found in the lower left of the dashboard, just right in front of the steering wheel. It could also be etched unto the engine block inside the hood, in front of the car frame near the windshield washer fluid container.

Finally, also it could be on the door post at the driver’s side and in so many other places. The VIN is like the unique identification number of any vehicle. It is like its most unique component. No two cars have the same vehicle identification number.

To get a VIN plate, all you need to do is contact DMV and apply for it with all the necessary information required. The VIN number for go-karts should usually be at the front or at the rear somewhere around the frame.

If you happen to use a Go-kart that was produced by you probably with the help of a DIY guide, could you also have a vehicle identification number? Well! At this point, you might need a little bit of legal support.

6. You are ready for the road

Having passed these stages, what else? You are so eligible for the road. You can freely navigate without the fear of facing any unwanted consequences.

As we have stated earlier you have to place a certain triangle at the rear of your vehicle to indicate that your vehicle is a low-speed vehicle. You must have likely come across vehicles like that at one point or the other.

This is basically all there is to making your go-kart street legal. Before we conclude, let’s take a brief glance at all the procedures again
• Install proper safety gears to your Go-kart
• Take your speed test
• Fuel your car prior to the speed test
• Get your Go-kart registered
• Ensure you have a vehicle identification number
• Register your go kart
• You can drive freely on the road

You also would want to get insurance for your go-cart. You don’t want to spend any amount of money only to lose it at the end of the day. There are different insurance plans you could opt out for. Finally, you would need a license plate.

In some instances, it is required that you meet some of the requirements laid down by your local motoring agency before you can be issued a license plate. These, however, differ depending on the state you find yourself.

Making your go-kart street-legal is very essential; penalties for not adhering could get really twisty and maybe financially demanding. These steps and highlighted requirements will help you successfully get through getting your go-kart street-legal.

You could tour and explore tarred terrains at will, access in an unlimited fashion the sports world of go-karts, and have all the amazing experiences you have always envisioned unbridled.

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