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Kart racing is a modification in the single seater motorcar with wheels at the outside of the car body. They are run on diminutive circuits. Karting may also be considered as the base of motor sports for higher competitions. It is one of the cheapest sports for the drivers who want to start their career in motor sports and motor racing.

There are many events held all over the world in motorsports and kart racing. Let us discuss about the events held for kids in motorsports.

Here is the list of events in kids go kart racing.

Youth Kart Racing League at K1 Speed

Racing is one of the famous sports in the world. Youth kart sport league is open for the kids who have passion about racing in them and want to be successful in the field of sports. This junior league is specifically started for the kids having heights more than 4’ to 4’9”.

A lot of things and teachings are there for kids to be learnt from this youth racing league. It is a good time for both son and father or daughter and father to make their relationship stronger by spending more time together.

K1 Speed is the best place for the ones who want to make their kids to be racing champions. These leagues help develop discipline, sports spirit, self control, good character. It can be a part of entertainment for whole family.

Children can experience the thrilling performance of the electric karts at K1 Speed with proper safety and in controlled surroundings. The most important thing to keep in mind is the safety of the children and it is properly taken care of with the proper seat belts, roll bars, and automatic shutoffs in case of emergency.

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MB2 Raceway

MB2 Raceway is the only indoor kart racing facility in the areas of Los Angeles, Ventura Country, Fresno Country, Des Moines, and IA. They have high-performance electric karts that show good performance in racing and other leagues.

MB2 Raceway also offers services for training seminars, team building programs, corporate events, parties, new product launches, meetings and other special occasions. Many get together parties are organized here due to its beautiful ambience and vast areas. MB2 Raceway is proved to be a wonderful venue for business events.

A large range of race formats is provided by MB2 Raceway. This includes standard race that is 10 minutes race and many group event packages that fall under two, three and four race formats called as Mini Grand Prix, Grand Prix and Super Grand Prix. The MB2 Raceway team may also join you and your group for the tournaments and for the group race events that may need more people.

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Lehigh Valley Grand Prix

Lehigh Valley Grand Prix offers remarkable thrilling experience in indoor go kart racing. The karts here provide you with the speed of 45 miles per hour on the straight road. Sodi kids kart is available for children of the ages from 10 to 15 years.

The karts are perfectly safe for the kids as they provide three point safety belts along with roll bar. In addition to it, it also provide impact –resistant bumper for extra safety and riders are covered with full-face helmet and neck brace.

Leagues for kids that are junior leagues are running every Saturday morning at 10 am for the time period of 8 weeks. The racers compete every week and earn points according to their score and at the end of the 8 week league the racer with highest points wins the championship and get a championship trophy.

The racers run a time qualifying race of minutes every week. The racer who crosses the checkered flag first in 20 minutes wins the race and vice versa the points.

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Slick Willy’s karts

Slick Willy’s Kart racing is also one of the featured karting facility that includes high performance electric karts for racing having the capacity of 50 MPH speed, Monster energy drink drift track, café with seating area of about 150 guests and more.

Slick Willy’s is the property of “The Works” which is a 125,000 square foot indoor entertainment complex in Wyomissing, PA that owns 2 restaurants, 5 bars, a Ballocity foam ball blasting play unit specially for kids, a night club and many more.

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