Monster Moto MM-K80R Gas Powered Go Kart – Our Review


Go-karting has been a great fun activity for kids and go-karts such as Razor Dune Buggy, or Razor Electric Go Kart have been a favorite amongst children and parents alike by tradition.

Interestingly, during recent times, there have been more players in the go-kart area, than just Razors. We have been keeping track of such products and short-listed a few of those which, we thought we could review one of such new product for our readers.

Here we go. Presenting you, review of Monster Moto MM-K80R Gas Go Kart.

To start with, Monster Moto packs so much more power compared to the products we talked about on this website earlier. It boasts a 4 stroke engine and top speed hovers around 18-20mph.

And, here is the main deal – This go-kart is not an electric go-kart, but works with automatic transmission and runs with gas.

In-Depth Review of Monster Moto MM-K80R Gas Go Kart

Design & Frame

Monster Moto sports red colour body and feels sturdy in hands. Its build mechanism makes sure that kids get a comfortable grip on the handle and enjoy a great riding experience.

Brakes are hydraulic, and wheels are robust and sturdy.  The seat comes with a seat belt, thus providing the essential safety to the rider.

The frame of this product is made up of durable steel resulting in robust build quality.

Age Suitability (Who can use this vehicle?)

Ideal age suitable for using this go-kart is 10+ years. Being a gas-powered vehicle and the powerful engine, 10+ age is something minimum that is required to ride this toy (not a toy really)!

Monster Moto is powered by Gas (4 Stroke Engine)

Monster Moto is powered by Gas (4 Stroke Engine)

Again, we want to stress the importance of go-kart safety and suggest you educate and monitor your kids for adhering to safety measures and wearing safety accessories before he/she starts cruising using such high powered vehicles.

It can carry riders up to the weight of 130 lbs.

Performance Review

Before we talk about the performance of Monster Moto, let’s watch this video by none other than Monster Moto 

Performance is this vehicle is excellent and doesn’t disappoint at all when it comes to thrill and experience. Your kid will surely like the way the vehicle steers and races away.

Top speed of the vehicle is around 18-20 mph, and unlike electric go-karts, there is no time limit for this vehicle since it’s powered by gas (tank capacity is little less than 1 gallon)

Quick Specs

Engine TypeTerrain Designed ForSuitable Age (in years)Max SpeedSafety Features
4 Stroke All Terrain10+18-20 mphYes


If you are looking for a go-kart for your kid which has more power and speed capability, then Monster Moto MM-K80R fits your needs very well with its sturdy design and integration of safety features.

Though the product is a little expensive compared to Razor electric go-kart or Fisher-Price Dune Racer, it justifies the price very well by offering high-speed experience and removes the time-bound limitation (since gas powers it).

We recommend this to our readers and let us know about your experience here.

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