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As a parent, you always want to amaze your kid by gifting him/her something unique every time on every occasion. It can’t be better than giving him/her something which combines thrill and joy. Electrically powered vehicles are an excellent choice for gifting your kids on their birthdays or any other occasion.

There has been a lot of buzzes and talk about one of such electric vehicles – Razor Dune Buggy Electric Go Kart which has got tremendous reviews online.

Having said that, does this model lives up to the hype and expectations and is it worth your money?

That’s exactly we are going to figure out in this review and make your decision easy and straightforward.


Razor Dune Buggy Electric Go Kart

Hailing from an ultra-popular brand, there is an inherited heritage of quality attached to every product that Razor produces and brings into the market.

Talking about the product we are reviewing, it was created for the kids of age 8 and above.

Design and Frame

First and foremost important thing to consider in any Go Kart is the body and frame of the vehicle. Razor Dune Buggy is made up with a tubular steel frame which is quite durable and has a padded bucket seat. You can also notice that the seat belts are provided which enhances the safety of your kid.

The rider can control the brake and throttle of the vehicle using the controls provided on the deck/handle. No leg controls exist. We felt this is an intelligent choice because a kid of 8 years would be overwhelmed if he/she needs to toggle between hands and legs for controlling the movement of the vehicle.

This vehicle comes with 8-inch knobby pneumatic tires (see the picture on the right) and rear disc brake.

How this Vehicle is Powered?

The highlight of this vehicle is that it is powered by electricity and you don’t have to run for fuelling this one.

Razor Dune Buggy Go Kart has a powerful 350-watt electric motor which is capable of steering the vehicle to speeds up to 10 miles/hour. Not to forget that, because of their eco-friendly nature, electrically powered vehicles are gaining tremendous momentum and gathering excellent responses from all over the world.


When it comes to performance, this vehicle scores great marks as well. It can catch speed up to 10 miles/hour which is just right for the age group it is designed (8+ years).

With a single charging cycle, one can ride the go-kart for 40 minutes.

Engine TypeTerrain Designed ForSuitable Age (in years)Max SpeedSafety FeaturesPrice
ElectricAll Terrain8+10 mphYesCheck here


With its sturdy body and frame, above product from Razor proves to be an excellent and safe choice for your kid. It can exponentially elevate fun levels of your kid.

It’s time to go, go, go-kart. You don’t even need to wait for his/her birthday for gifting him this magical thing.

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