Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart Review


The Razor Electric Go Kart, also named as the Ground Force, is perfect for a community with long pavements, traffic-free streets or broad driveways.

Electric go-karts require little maintenance. Electric power Go Karts do not have hot engines or a tank full of gas which can be safer for kids to play with. They are heavy because of the batteries, making it tough to flip them over. This makes them safer to drive.

It combines well-planned safety features, environment friendliness, and adds the most important element – fun! The kids will love you for this gift.


Razor Ground Force Electric Go Kart


Safety – The Razor Ground Force is built up with a sturdy steel frame making it not just safe for the children but also durable in spite of some unplanned crashes onto the curbs.

The low height of this toy gives it a low center of gravity making it almost impossible for it to flip over during sharp turns. A shoulder safety belt shields from crashes when your little one decides to let loose. A flag also acts as an effective alerting mechanism.

The molded aluminum wheels and solid 4-1/2-inch tires, meanwhile, help the Ground Force run smoothly wherever it goes.

Environment-Friendly – The fact that it is electric is a bonus making the ride more nature-friendly.

Age-Friendly – Anyone above 8 will find the go kart a load of fun, and they will fit well into it right up to their early teens. The electric toy car has a quiet variable-speed and runs on a chain-driven motor.

It measures 41 x 16 x 29 inches (W x H x D) and supports weights up to 140 pounds.

Easy to play –  Operation is a breeze thanks to the hand-controlled accelerator and hand brake.

Good Battery – The battery lasts for 40 minutes after a full charge, but most often lasts for longer. Once burned out, it needs to be charged for a good 3 to 4 hours before it can hit the pavements again.

Fun – Hand controlled accelerator and brake make it easy to learn and drive around. The engine gives a zip to the drive gaming up to 12 mph.


Go karts are among all-time favorites among kids, and they thoroughly enjoy driving it around, especially with all the neighborhood kids who just can’t wait to get onto it. Sometimes it is, even so, inviting that the adults find it tough to resist. A good option to purchase it as a gift for your most loved one.


A good helmet will add the extra safety you are looking for the little riders while they have all the fun.

This toy car does not run very well on grass lawns because its wheels are designed for pavements or flat surfaces.

The local parking lot which stays empty on Sundays is ideal for the children to let loose and drive freely without worrying about bumping into someone.

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