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Today we are discussing a unique product and it’s not only fun to ride upon but looks trendy too. Not to leave you in suspense for long, the product we are reviewing today is none other than Razor Crazy Cart for Kids. We know it’s been in buzz for quite some time now.

What Makes Razor Crazy Car Unique?

Kids these days are obsessed with technology and gadgets. They are being deprived of outdoor activities. Instead, they prefer to play games on their iPad or any other tablet they can get their hands on one. Toy companies still bring in billions of dollars, but most of those toys are designed for indoor activities. There are very few interesting gadgets or toys for outdoor activities for children. This is a profoundly worrying sign for parents because, without any outdoor activity, children can become lazy and unhealthy. Thankfully, Razor has developed a product that will bring out the inner child inside of you.

Detailed Review of Razor Crazy Cart

Razor Crazy Cart is a small Go Kart designed for children with the ability to drift.

It works in two ways, either you can use it as a regular Go Kart or lift it to make it a crazy drifter. Kids would love something like this especially the ones who are obsessed with cars. Even adult males are inclined towards the product and want to relive their childhood memories.

Razor’s patented design enables the driver to change the rear caster angle to make the Kart drift forward, sideways, backward or any way you wants.

To make things even more interesting, there is a drift bar on the car which acts the same way as an e-brake. Drift bar combined with the steering provides easy maneuvering in tight turns.

Razor Crazy Cart is capable of reaching up to 12 mph and its batteries last up to 40 minutes on a single charge.

The car features two 12V sealed acid rechargeable batteries. Razor has also kept child safety into consideration and provides Lap/shoulder for protection. Crazy Kart is suitable for children 9 years and older.


Weight55.2 lb
Dimensions37” L x 24” W x 19” H
Battery2 x 12V (24V) sealed acid rechargeable
ChargerPower charger included
ColorBlack and Red
CustomizationAesthetics and specifications might vary
Age Requirements9 years or older
Max Weight Limit140 lb


  • Crazy Kart can reach 12 mph
  • On a full charge, the battery lasts up to 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Drift Bar is specifically designed to enable drivers to have greater control on drifting the kart
  • The acceleration pedal allows complete control on the speed.
  • The steering wheel on Crazy Kart is capable of turning a full 360 degree
  • Pneumatic front tire
  • Front stabilizing posts

Razor Crazy Kart is a dream toy for many kids on Christmas. It a safe and joyful kart to fuel a young child’s desire to drive and drift. Since video games are extremely popular amongst children these days and they love to drift and drive cars using a controller, Razor Crazy Kart delivers a similar experience in reality.

  • Razor has patent their drift bar design which is by far the most important feature on the car. Anyone can drift the Kart using the drift bar. It gives complete control of the kart and with the help of the steering wheel, drifting on tight turns is also possible.
  • Crazy Cart also features stabilizing posts in the front which prevent the car from rolling over during drifts.
  • The kart is capable of some incredibly crazy drifts which increase the chances of the kart rolling over, so the front posts help keep it on its tires. Speaking of tires, the pneumatic tires are small in size and play an equally important role in drifting.
  • Lastly, Crazy Cart delivers up to 40 minutes of ride time which might not be the greatest thing to have; it could have been better but judging from the maximum speed, one cannot complain.
  • Crazy Kart is capable of speeds up to 12 mph which is plenty enough for young children. It is a well-thought product with safety and enjoyment as the primary focus.
  • The major issue with Crazy cart is the exclusion of brakes. Brakes are critical to stopping the car. And for a product which is designed for young children, it is essential to include a brake pedal. This will prevent them from crashing and allow them to stop the Kart in a case of emergency.
  • As for now, the brakes rely on the drift bar which can cause the car to spin and get out of control. It is a big disappointment from Razor not to include brakes. The low speed is easier to stop so a small brake pedal would have been an excellent addition to an already great product.


Though there are drawbacks, Razor Crazy Kart is still an excellent product with plenty of great features. It is well designed and safe for young children. The only cause of concern is the exclusion of brakes in the kart. Regarding drifting, nothing does it better than Crazy Kart.

The Drift bar and steering wheel are well-engineered. Overall, the build quality is excellent, the kart is robust and sturdy. Small bumps will not do any damage to the kart. There is a minor concern regarding the pneumatic tires since they are prone to lose air quite often.

Razor Crazy Kart is available for on Amazon and other toy stores across the globe.

For the price, Crazy Kart is an excellent product. Parents need to be a little careful when their child is driving the Kart due to the exclusion of brakes, but apart from that, it is a great present for the child. Young adults can also have their fun with the kart as long as they weigh less than 140 lbs.

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